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Available Vaccine and Package Insert. There is one licensed HPV vaccine available in the United States: Gardasil 9 (human papillomavirus 9-valent vaccine, recombinant; 9vHPV) was approved by FDA for use in 2014. The safety of Gardasil 9 was studied in clinical trials with more than 15,000 participants before it was licensed and continues to be monitored The HPV vaccine can protect against HPV types 16 and 18, both of which can lead to certain cancers. Some vaccines can also protect against strains known to cause genital warts Continued HPV Vaccine's Safety Record. Despite a solid safety record for Gardasil and Cervarix, many adverse events have been registered with the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)

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It's official: HPV vaccine, the most dangerous vaccine yet Date: 18 January 2017 Comments: 137. New WHO study shines a light on adverse events from HPV vaccines Is the HPV Vaccine Dangerous? The HPV isn't dangerous, but it is easy to see why some parents still think that it is. How many myths about the HPV vaccine have you heard? I don't like this vaccine Heaven help us if we have a generation of kids who get a hepatitis B vaccine and a HPV vaccine and they think that now unprotected sex is. Gardasil is a vaccine intended for girls and young women between the ages 9 to 26 to protect against human papillomavirus (HPV), a virus which is currently linked to an estimated 70% of known.

Vaccine manufacturers do not earn much money with vaccines?! It is uncertain whether HPV vaccination prevents cervical cancer. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine; Some crazy true facts about MEASLES! Recent Comments. Court Hears Gardasil Science and Moves Forward - HPV-VACCINE-SIDE-EFFECTS on The HPV Vaccination can cause very serious. For Immediate Release. OFFICIALS COVER UP DANGERS OF HPV VACCINE Tumor Necrosis Factor in Vaccine Causes Serious Side Effects. Washington, D.C.—January 16, 2016- [Globe Newswire] -Dr. Sin Hang Lee, MD, Director, Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, has submitted an official, open-letter complaint to the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Margaret Chan. HPV vaccination is very safe. Over 12 years of monitoring and research have shown that HPV vaccination is very safe. Each HPV vaccine—Gardasil® 9, Gardasil®, and Cervarix®—went through years of extensive safety testing before they were licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA only licenses a vaccine if it is safe, effective, and the benefits outweigh the risks The HPV vaccine can protect against precancerous cervical lesions. Of the 34,800 cancer cases caused by HPV every year, 92%, or around 32,000 of those can be prevented by the HPV vaccine, according to the CDC. It does this by giving the body antibodies to prevent being infected. This prevents warts and cancers caused by HPV Once someone is infected with HPV, the vaccine might not be as effective or might not work at all.Also, response to the vaccine is better at younger ages than it is at older ages. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends that all 11- and 12-year-olds receive two doses of HPV vaccine at least six months apart, instead of the previously recommended three-dose schedule

A prominent anti-vaccine web site has promoted heartbreaking stories of illnesses and deaths which they say are a direct result of the Gardasil vaccine, but the causal links are just speculation Drug class: viral vaccines; Consumer resources. Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, 9-valent; Papillomavirus (9-Valent) Vaccine (Human, Recombinant) Papillomavirus (Types 16, 18) Vaccine (Human, Recombinant) Papillomavirus (Types 6, 11, 16, 18) Vaccine (Human, Recombinant) Human papillomavirus vaccine Intramuscular (Advanced Reading

HPV (Gardasil) Vaccine Dangers on CNN . One Girl Tells her story. VaccinationEducation.com . Dr Jane Burgrermeister lays criminal charges against Baxter Labs . Dr Jane Burgrermeister lays criminal charges against Baxter Labs for intentionally distributing 72kg of contaminated vaccines Government, academic, and other public health investigators could not identify the HPV vaccine as the cause of any severe adverse event. There were 117 deaths as of September 2015, none of which.

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We've published multiple articles regarding adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine, here's one about mother of a vaccine injured child who has decided to showcase her challenges to the public, with hopes that some will see exactly what it means to deal with the consequences of an uninformed medical decision. To follow her story, see this link to her Facebook page On September 12th, 2011, controversy over the HPV vaccine was reignited by the remarks of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann during a debate. After denouncing an opponent's role in mandating HPV vaccination in Texas, Bachmann made unsubstantiated claims that the HPV vaccine was hazardous

Although HPV vaccines have been found to be safe when given to people who are already infected with HPV, the vaccines do not treat infection. They provide maximum benefit if a person receives them before he or she is sexually active ( 24 , 25 ) The HPV vaccine protects against strains of the virus that have been shown to cause cervical, vaginal, vulvar and penile cancer, as well as certain cancers of the mouth and throat

Six Year Analysis of Adverse Reactions to the Gardasil HPV Vaccine. Three major risk factors have been identified in a Retrospective Study of over 100 children and adults suffering severe or life-threatening reactions to the Gardasil HPV Vaccine. All three risk factors are associated with, but not limited to, MUNC 13-4 (cit) disruption The HPV vaccine protects against around 90% of cervical cancers, however it also provides protection against most of the genital cancers in men caused by HPV infection. Additionally, the vaccine protects against 90% of genital warts in both women and men. As with any vaccine, the HPV vaccine may not fully protect everyone who is vaccinated and. The HPV vaccine protects against the two main types of cancer-causing HPV (HPV16 and 18), as well as two types that cause genital warts. Clinicians have already seen a dramatic decrease in genital warts in young women since the vaccination program was introduced in mid-2007; the prevalence of genital warts plummeted from 9.6 per cent in 2004, to less than 2 per cent in 2010-11 HPV-vaksine til unge kvinner. Kvinner født i 1991 eller senere har gjennom et midlertidig vaksinasjonsprogram fått tilbud om gratis HPV-vaksine

A collection of videos exposing the dangers of the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix, now being promoted for girls ánd boys. More than 100 girls have DIED after receiving HPV vaccines The HPV cancer-preventing vaccine, especially Gardasil (or Silgard, depending on market), has been targeted by the anti-vaccine religion more than just about any other vaccine being used these days. So many people tell me that they give their children all the vaccines, but refuse to give them the HPV vaccine based on rumor and innuendo on the internet Almost 650 girls in Ireland reported requiring medical intervention or treatment after receiving the HPV vaccine, according to data collected by the State's medicines watchdog The HPV vaccine is highly effective in protecting against the acquisition of certain types of HPV, namely the ones that are most likely to cause genital warts and cervical, vaginal or vulvar cancer. It's given in a series of three shots over a six month time period

HPV Vaccine for Children: Gardasil and Cervarix Pros and

Although a report to a vaccine safety surveillance system does not by itself prove that the vaccine caused an adverse reaction, the unusually high frequency of adverse reactions related to HPV vaccines reported worldwide, as well as their consistent pattern (i.e. nervous system-related disorders rank the highest in frequency), points to a potentially causal relationship Is the HPV vaccine safe? In an age where legislators are pushing for mandatory vaccinations, the push to take away the freedom of choice has more people looking at information that the mainstream continues to ignore. The truth is, vaccines are not as safe and effective as they're marketed to be. This is evident by the fact that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury act as now paid. The HPV vaccine protects against the two high-risk HPV types (types 16 and 18) which cause 70% of cervical cancers in women and 90% of all HPV-related cancers in men. It also protects against two low-risk HPV types (types 6 and 11), which cause 90% of genital warts

HPV vaccines have been widely researched, with a multitude of randomised controlled trials throughout all regions of the world. Indeed, GlaxoSmithKline published a pooled analysis of their clinical trials up to April 2011 and included 42 completed or ongoing studies in 40 countries, with a total of 31. Hidden Dangers In HPV Vaccines By Ilya Sandra Perlingieri ©Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri 12-2-10 The fantasy that there are shortcuts that come in syringes or bottles remains, for now just that: a fantasy. --Peter B. Bach, MD(1). Fears for women's health as parents reject HPV vaccine Take-up of the HPV vaccine in the UK is still high, but in Japan it has fallen from more than 70% to 1% HPV Vaccine for Boys There are more males getting cancer of the oropharynx (back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils) from HPV than girls getting cervical cancer. This current trend should be disturbing enough to convince all parents of preteen boys to get their sons the HPV vaccine

It's official: HPV vaccine, the most dangerous vaccine yet

HPV vaccine: 20 states that shun the shot 21 photos The information was gathered from the 2008-2010 National Immunization Survey of Teens, which consisted of families who had children between the. It found the vaccine does a good job of protecting against the most dangerous strains of HPV, which are passed on through sex and skin-to-skin contact of the genital areas. The majority of the trials included in the review involved girls and women aged 15 to 26, which is slightly older than those vaccinated in the UK programme

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The HPV vaccine protects against the types of HPV that cause most cases of cervical cancer. Other less common types of HPV can also cause cervical cancer. The vaccine does not treat cervical cancer. WHO SHOULD GET THIS VACCINE. The HPV vaccine is recommended for boys and girls 9 through 14 years old Adverse events. One systematic review that involved a total of 29,540 individuals showed that the most frequently reported adverse event related to the HPV vaccines was pain and swelling at the injection site followed by fatigue, fever, gastrointestinal symptoms and headaches ().In Japan, HPV vaccination was recommended by the government in April 2013 HPV vaccines are used to prevent HPV infection and therefore cervical cancer. Good evidence supports that vaccination of large percentage of people within a population decreases rates of HPV infections with part of the benefit from herd immunity. Some types are recommended in the United States for women and men who are 9 to 45 years of age Gardasil 9 (human papillomavirus (HPV)) vaccine is used in both females and males.Human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause genital warts, cancer of the cervix, anal cancer, and various cancers of the vulva or vagina. Gardasil 9 vaccine is used in girls and women ages 9 through 45 to prevent cervical/vaginal/anal cancers or genital warts caused by certain types of HPV

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  1. As of 2010, the long-term risks of the HPV vaccines are not fully understood. This lack of knowledge is one of the cons about the HPV vaccines, according to Ohio State University 4.Severe complications have been reported by patients who have received an HPV vaccine 5.These complications are rare, but include Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a nerve disorder that causes severe muscle weakness, and.
  2. Is the HPV vaccine safe? In an age where legislators are pushing for mandatory vaccinations, the push to take away the freedom of choice has more people looking at information that the mainstream continues to ignore. The truth is, vaccines are not as safe and effective as they're marketed to be. This is evident by [
  3. Other HPV vaccines are available outside the U.S. All of these vaccines help prevent infection by HPV-16 and HPV-18. These 2 types cause about 70% of all cervical cancers and pre-cancers, as well as many cancers of the anus , penis , vulva , vagina , and throat
  4. Scientific expert reaction to new Cochrane Review on HPV vaccine for cervical cancer prevention in girls and women New evidence published today in the Cochrane Library shows that human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines protect against cervical lesions in young women, particularly in those who are vaccinated between the ages of 15 and 26
  5. HPV Vaccine Blamed for Teen's Paralysis A month after 13 year old Jenny Tetlock was vaccinated against the HPV virus, she missed the lowest hurdle in gym class. It was the first sign of a degenerative muscle disease that 15 months later left her nearly completely paralyzed. Her father, Philip Tetlock, a professor at UC-Berkeley, has embarked on.
  6. There's so much controversy around the HPV vaccine, but what's the final word? Is it safe for women and men? What about girls and boys? The FDA just approved expanded use of the HPV vaccine to cover adults up to 45 years of age. This post will help you weigh the benefits and risks and decide how to best protect your family from the diseases HPV can cause
  7. istration (FDA) approved a new cervical cancer vaccine, called Gardasil, manufactured by Merck [the company [

HPV-VACCINE-SIDE-EFFECTS - be careful what you put in your

HPV-vaksine virker forebyggende. Vaksinen gir derfor best beskyttelse når den gis til barn/unge før de utsettes for smitte. Derfor får barn tilbud om HPV-vaksine som en del av barnevaksinasjonsprogrammet på 7. klassetrinn, i god tid før gjennomsnittlig seksuell debut.. HPV-vaksine består av proteiner som ligner deler av overflaten på viruset My granddaughter is 15 1/2 and my daughter will not have her get the HPV vaccine because she says there are bad side effects.I'm sure she isn't sexually active but I'm worried that she will became s

But vaccines are selected to contain a weakened or dead form of the disease-causing germ that can spark an immune response. Exposure will thus allow the body to build up immunity in a controlled way HPV-infeksjon. Humant papillomavirus (HPV) er en gruppe DNA-virus der det hittil er identifisert 200 ulike genotyper [1]. Om lag 40 av disse smitter ved seksuell kontakt. HPV-infeksjon er den vanligste seksuelt overførbare infeksjonen både hos kvinner og menn Emphases on production of specific vaccines to inactivate segments of viral structures such as HPVs DNA structures or expression products, while not effective to prevent specific diseases (e.g., cervical cancers), long-term effects of HPV vaccines (Gardasil™, or Cervarix™) could contribute to initiation of health problems during aging, if not sooner On 16th August 2015, I sent CANSA a variety of reports and links, including the results of adverse event reports from the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) which included 232 deaths, showing that HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccines are at best, highly suspect and at worst, highly dangerous Human papillomavirus infection (HPV infection) is an infection caused by the human papillomavirus (). About 90% of HPV infections cause no symptoms and resolve spontaneously within two years. However, in some cases, an HPV infection persists and results in either warts or precancerous lesions. These lesions, depending on the site affected, increase the risk of cancer of the cervix, vulva.

HPV vaccines work best when given to preadolescent girls (and boys), before they become sexually active; this is one of the reasons for resistance. Some people claim the vaccine promotes promiscuity by sending the message to young people that there is no danger of getting a sexually transmitted infection Japan Requires New Disclosures on Dangers of HPV Vaccine. by Norma Erickson SaneVax, Inc. Japan suspends HPV vaccine recommendation. The Nationwide Liaison Association of Cervical Cancer Vaccine Victims and Parents has apparently made an impression on their government health officials Since then, published studies have linked the aluminum adjuvant found in the HPV vaccine to several chronic health conditions including postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS), 50 primary ovarian failure (POF), 51 chronic epipharyngitis, 52 pseudo-neurological syndrome, 53 and severe somatoform and dysautonomic syndromes. 54 An epidemiological study of data collected from the federal Vaccine. In The HPV Vaccine, Mary Holland and Kim Mack Rosenberg, expert researchers on the making, marketing, and safety of vaccines, assess the quick popularity of the HPV vaccine. They reveal the business behind the pharmaceutical and medical industries' push for it and how this effects the population it's most targeted toward, girls and women ages eleven to twenty-six

The Dangers of Gardasil (HPV/Cervical Cancer Vaccine). 2,3 k liker dette. Lokal bedrif No. Vast amounts of large epidemiological case-control studies have shown no link between HPV and just about every medical condition. It is an extremely safe vaccine. And even if there were some adverse effects, and we haven't seen anything, the b..

The Harmful Truth About Gardasil Finally Revealed

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  1. ated encephalomyelitis, neuromyelitis optica, clinically isolated syndrome, MS) have been reported after ad
  2. July 22, 2009. The government is planning on forced vaccinations for Swine Flu this Fall. This is a very serious and grave concern for all Americans and people around the world who will be confronted with this issue. You must NOT take these vaccines if you expect to live a normal life span! The purpose behind these vaccinations if population reduction--genocide
  3. The results showed that young women twenty to twenty-six years of age who received the four-strain Gardasil vaccine were actually more likely than non-HPV-vaccinated women to be infected with high-risk nonvaccine strains of HPV ten years later. 26 The implications of these results are sobering, suggesting that while the vaccine may have reduced infection with the four targeted HPV strains.
  4. Gardasil Vaccine Even More Dangerous than Previously Thought March 8, 2016 Originally published by our partner Alliance for Natural Health. Recently, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) raised concerns that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine could be linked to increased occurrences of premature ovarian failure, also known as premature menopause
  5. Mayo Clinic Q and A: Increasing incidence of throat cancer related to HPV Oct. 18, 2019, 05:00 p.m. CDT Mayo Clinic Minute: Why your preteen needs the HPV vaccine Aug. 19, 2019, 07:00 a.m. CDT Why you need to get the HPV vaccine now: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute July 02, 2019, 02:01 p.m. CD

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The HPV vaccine is on trial as anti-vaxxers and anti-vaccine advocates mobilize against cancer prevention, specifically cervical, anal and penile cance This is surely the most shameful act of all: While news of widespread lies and deceit in connection with promotion of HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix) is spreading rapidly across the world, a group of government officials and scientific and health professionals have collaborated to cunningly conceal information regarding serious dangers of the vaccines The HPV vaccine is designed to protect against future infections of high-risk types of HPV, and is not effective in treating existing HPV infections or the complications caused by them. Can the HPV vaccine cause HPV? - the HPV vaccine is not a live vaccine, which means it does not contain any of the live virus to stimulate your body's autoimmune response to protect you against future.

It's important to know that HPV vaccines do not replace cervical cancer screening. Your doctor will still recommend a Pap test. HPV vaccines prevent infection from the most common types of HPV related to cancer, but not all. Vaccinating men and boys. In Canada, about one-third of HPV-related cancers occur in males HPV Vaccine: The Science Behind The Controversy Some public health experts believe vaccinating girls as young as 11 against HPV is crucial to preventing cervical cancer later in life. But some. HPV Vaccine Controversy Disease & Illness By The Doctors Staff on 5:00 AM PST, December 9, 2013 Madelyne, 20, and Olivia, 19, are suing Merck, the makers of Gardasil, saying the vaccine caused their ovaries to stop producing eggs, a condition known as premature ovarian failure HPV can also lead to genital warts. HPV is currently the leading cause of cervical cancer, so protecting your daughter from being infected with the virus is very important to her overall health. Concerns Surrounding the HPV Vaccine. There is growing concern about the safety of the vaccines—Gardasil and Cervarix—that protect against HPV The HPV vaccine, also known as Gardasil , is designed to protect against four types of human papillomavirus, or HPV. Although the HPV vaccine is banned in multiple countries because of the problems associated with it, like Japan for example, it has been approved for use in Canada and approximately 100 other countries

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  1. g Parents in SVG of the realities globally of damage..
  2. Paavonen J, Naud P, Salmerón J et al. Efficacy of human papillomavirus (HPV)-16/18 AS04-adjuvanted vaccine against cervical infection and precancer caused by oncogenic HPV types (PATRICIA): final analysis of a double-blind, randomised study in young women. Lancet 2009; 374: epub301. pmid:19586656 PubMe
  3. —Orissa said: > I speak today on behalf of not only the UK Association for HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters who have had their lives turned upside down after HPV vaccine ad
  4. She also said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) knowingly downplays the dangers of HPV vaccines by under-reporting adverse events including deaths. She even went so far as to say the vaccine does nothing, that it doesn't even reduce the incidence of cervical cancer.. Read: Deceptive Gardasil Ad Omits Death Link, Other Facts Not only did Dr. Harper call into question the.
  5. 1. Introduction. Human papillomavirus (HPV) associated cancers include those of the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, anus, rectum and oropharynx .Because over 80% of all HPV associated cancers occur in the cervix, nearly all of the evidence for prophylactic vaccine prevention of incident type-specific HPV infection is in cervical disease .The first vaccine to be approved, Gardasil, has been.
  6. The HPV vaccine is recommended for people 9 to 26 years old: For kids and teens ages 9-14, the vaccine is given in 2 shots over a 6- to 12-month period. For teens and young adults (ages 15-26), it's given in 3 shots over a 6-month period
  7. HPV vaccines prevent cervical cancer by preventing infection by various HPV types. Two HPV vaccines are currently prequalified by WHO - a bivalent and a quadrivalent vaccine. Both vaccines are highly efficacious in preventing infection with virus types 16 and 18, which are together responsible for approximately 70% of cervical cancer cases globally

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  1. ing the FDA's HPV Vaccine Records Detailing the Approval Process, Side-Effects, Safety Concerns and Marketing Practices of a Large-Scale Public Health Experiment June 30, 2008 Judicial Watch, Inc. 501 School Street, SW Suite 500 Washington, DC 20024 Tel: 202-646-5172 Fax: 202-646-5199 www.JudicialWatch.or
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  3. The disgraced British former doctor who became the face of the anti-vaccine movement has claimed vaccines have made measles a more dangerous disease, as he fundraises for a second film targeting.

Uptake of the HPV vaccine in the U.S. is abysmal, with just 49 percent of girls and 37 percent of boys having received the recommended HPV vaccination series. Related: Age matters when it comes to. HPV VACCINES : Not only unproven to protect against cervical cancer but Dangerous & Unnecessary Researched and compiled by: Sarah Kalell September 2015 In response to request by CANSA to substantiate the claim that HPV Vaccines cause death, disability and chronic health problems Disclaimer In the United States, approximately 80% of HPV-related cancers are attributable to HPV 16 or 18 which are included in all three HPV vaccines that have been available in the U.S. Approximately 12% are attributable to HPV types 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58 (16% of all HPV-attributable cancers for females; 6% for males; approximately 3,800 cases annually), which are included in the 9-valent HPV vaccine

The Nationwide Liaison Association of Cervical Cancer Vaccine Victims and Parents in Japan is attempting to have HPV vaccines banned and see Gardasil and Cervarix as vaccines with an unacceptable. Mayo Clinic Q and A: Increasing incidence of throat cancer related to HPV Oct. 18, 2019, 05:00 p.m. CDT Mayo Clinic Minute: Why your preteen needs the HPV vaccine Aug. 19, 2019, 07:00 a.m. CDT Why you need to get the HPV vaccine now: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute July 02, 2019, 02:01 p.m. CD HPV Vaccines Proven to Be Ineffective, Dangerous & Even Deadly November 2, 2015 2 Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB) Updated 11/02/15 It seems more so every day that our struggle to keep our loved ones, especially our children, safe from medical harm is a losing battle Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Tidman on dangers of hpv: Hi, most of HPV infections are cleared by the body within 2 years. There is currently no specific treatment for HPV infection. But there is vaccine approved for use in women and men to prevent the high risk HPVs

The HPV vaccine is not new. From June 2006 through March 2013, approximately 57 million doses of HPV vaccine have been administered. In that time, there has been an enormous amount of research that demonstrates that the HPV vaccine is not only well-tested, but extremely safe The HPV vaccine, on the other hand, is chiefly about sex and has all the buzzwords to make it controversial: teenage girls, cervix, vagina and penis. Moral objection Likewise, the notion that HPV vaccines have an impressive safety profile is only supported by highly flawed design of safety trials and is contrary to accumulating evidence from vaccine safety surveillance databases and case reports which continue to link HPV vaccination to serious adverse outcomes (including death and permanent disabilities) Medical researchers have accused drug regulators and manufacturers of concealing the real dangers of the HPV vaccine. Many girls have suffered life-threatening injuries as the result of the vaccine. The HPV vaccine has also caused death. However, the claims have been dismissed by the vaccine manufacturer

The HPV vaccine Gardasil 9® protects against infection with nine HPV types: the two low-risk HPV types that cause most genital warts, plus the seven high-risk HPV types that cause most HPV-related cancers.. HPV vaccination is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices (ACIP) to prevent new HPV infections and HPV. The HPV vaccine protects against the HPV virus which can cause cancer and genital warts in both women and men. Read about the cancers caused by HPV in Ireland. Read about the HPV vaccination programmes in schools. How we know the HPV vaccine is safe. The HPV vaccine is safe. The safety of the HPV vaccine has been studied for over 13 years The HPV vaccine injury attorneys at the Drug Law Center are aware of the serious side effects and adverse reactions caused by Gardasil, Cervarix, and other HPV vaccines. Our team of attorneys of handle cases where our clients have suffered blood clots, seizure, paralysis, and wrongful death after receiving the vaccine Why Japan's HPV vaccine rates dropped from 70% to near zero And how one doctor is fighting back. By Julia Belluz @juliaoftoronto Dec 1, 2017, 1:10pm ES Young girls are being frightened into taking a series of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines that have been associated with 18,727 adverse events, including 100 deaths and almost 2,000 serious, permanent injuries

Study: Gardasil Risks Hidden by Vaccine Manufacturer andGardasil linked to permanent devastating health issuesHPV Vaccine Developer Blasts the Vaccines for DangersJapan Halts HPV Vaccine and Begins Full-Scale Probe over

receiving an HPV vaccine from her doctor. The mother posted the video last July on Facebook, saying: This was a very hard video to post, my 12 yr old daughter was fine before her vaccine, now this is her life. We live in New Zealand and I thought our healthcare system was ok, we have been left to deal with this ourselves The HPV vaccine is recommended for preteen boys . and girls at age 11 or 12 so they are protected before ever being exposed to the virus. HPV vaccine also produces a higher immune response in preteens than in older adolescents. If your teen hasn't gotten the vaccine yet, talk to their doctor about getting it for them as soon as possible Vaccine Dangers. 1,876 likes. Thiss page is about the dangers of vaccines. Almost all vaccines contain mercury, there is almost NO difference between mercury poisoning and the affects of autisim and.. Two vaccines are available: Gardasil, a quadrivalent vaccine, targets HPV strains 6, 11, 16, and 18; Cervarix, a bivalent vaccine, targets strains 16 and 18. Large clinical trials as well as epidemiological studies have demonstrated vaccine effectiveness in preventing genital warts, precancerous lesions, throat cancer, and anal cancer as well as cervical cancer [8-10] This is what we know about HPV, the vaccine and its backlash. By Global News. Posted October 18, 2017 6:00 am. If it doesn't, however, the results can be dangerous The HPV Vaccine: The Controversy, the Facts, and the Untold Dangers of Mass Vaccination: Amazon.es: Mary Holland, Kim Mack Rosenberg, Eileen Iorio: Libros en idiomas extranjero

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